The second largest lake in Texas, Lake Livingston is the ideal getaway spot for locals and tourists alike. It boasts over 450 miles of shoreline, which is great for people looking to escape the busy urban areas.

With 5,000 campsites, you’ll never have to worry about finding a place to put up your tent for the night. The water is perfect for swimming, boating, and recreation, while the surrounding area provides ample opportunity to hike, explore, and enjoy the beautiful state park.

Perfect Weather, Perfect Water

The water in Lake Livingston is fresh water, but as the temperature in the area averages 92 degrees during the summer, and about 75 degrees during spring and fall, the water is always a refreshing experience.

The water is about 25 feet deep in most places, but reaches 90 feet at its deepest. The water is kept level year-round by the local municipality, so you never have to worry about your boat dock being unreachable from the water!

Location, Location, Location

Lake Livingston, while fairly secluded from the urban sprawl in the rest of Texas, is a quick drive from most large cities. It is close to 180 miles southeast of Dallas, and 80 miles north of Houston, which is the perfect distance for weekend adventurers.

Lake Livingston is also a popular vacation home area, and many retirees flock here because of the fairly temperate weather year-round.

The community is great, and the access to the water from many different points is a selling point for tourists, Texans on vacation, and anyone looking for a great waterfront home.